Saturday, June 16, 2012

Counting Songs

My first admission of the morning: I'm addicted to Pinterest.  And this morning was little different from many a Saturday morning - lying in bed... contemplating the concept of getting up... reaching for my phone instead... and spending more time than I'm willing to admit on Pinterest.  If you care, you can find my pins here.

And, much as one thing leads to another, one link leads to another.  And I found myself on YouTube (yes, potentially another massive waste of time but its siren call, for me at least, has nothing on Pinterest's).  And it was on YouTube I found HaveFunTeaching's brilliant songs.  To be honest, I was just checking them out but both Ziggy and Gertie found their way to me in no time at all and, shortly thereafter were both grooving along.  I can highly recommend their walking song (not only for the joy of watching The Man inspiring Ziggy to do the robot).  Then we found the counting songs - mainly because Gertie wanted to see the penguin.  I love counting songs - they're such an easy way to kids to learn to skip count.  Obviously, I'm no expert on pedagogy, but as I know all the words to some of the more dubious pop of my youth I'm figuring learning though music has to be effective and much more fun than rote learning.

So, I thought I might investigate the website and download some of the songs.  I love instant downloads - let's face it, I put all CDs onto my pc and then my music player anyway, so why not just skip the CD altogether?  My only problem is that there's a volume discount if you buy all the CDs, but not for the downloads.  Why? I was ready to buy, but the fact that it'd cost more for the downloads the CDs gave me pause...

And then I saw that I could apply for the counting songs free of charge.  Certainly worth checking out.  So I guess I'll apply, listen and then review.  And then I'll probably be willing to purchase the other songs (can't wait to check out the fitness ones).

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  1. Thanks for your wonderful blog post! Teachers and parents, make sure to check out the Counting Videos by Have Fun Teaching! Your children will have fun learning multiplication, skip counting, numbers, and counting!